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It's no secret that I'm a total beauty junkie. That being said, I'm always looking for new ways and innovative products to help me streamline my routine for when I travel. As a carry-on only enthusiast, the last thing I want to do is take up valuable real estate in my luggage with products I don't really need. Enter Nudestix: a brand focused on simple, easy makeup, all in pencil format. Keep reading for more photos!

From top to bottom: Magnetic Eye Color - Spirit, Magnetic Eye Color - Twilight, Concealer Pencil - Light 2, Lip + Cheek Pencil - Mystic
I own the Magnetic Eye Color, a cream shadow stick, in two colours: Twilight, a bronzy-taupe that is perfect for every day wear, and Spirit, a more mauvey-taupe that adds the perfect amount of drama for a night out. This formula literally does. not. budge. It's buildable, blendable (provided you're quick), and the colours are so rich.

I also have the Concealer Pencil in Light 2, which has just a hint of pink undertones. Perfect for cancelling out my dark circles. The Concealer Pencil is super creamy and blends really easy.

Finally, the Lip + Cheek Pencil in Mystic is by far my favourite of the bunch. It's such a great every day, neutral lip colour, and the fact that it's dual purpose and acts as a cream blush as well is just fantastic. 

Every pencil purchase comes with a metal tin with a mirror in the lid (probably my least favourite thing about these, as now I have too many tins. I wish they were optional), and you can easily fit 4 pencils + a sharpener (every pencil comes with one) into a single tin.

Another bonus is that because these are all cream products, they don't require the use of any brushes. Just blend out with your fingers, and that will save you from having to pack your brushes.

Overall, I really like this brand, and they keep releasing new products. I'm really interested in trying their new "skincare pencils" as those are an interesting concept. I've especially got my eye on the Moisture Pencil for keeping my skin hydrated on the go while traveling (no need to pack it with my liquids!).


The Weekend Edit Vol. 36


Guys, it isn't getting any warmer around these parts yet. In fact, "spring skiing" yesterday involved -10C with the wind chill and bundling up like it was January. At least it was sunny? I'm not convinced.

I was battling a cold at the beginning of last week, and even a spicy Laksa soup at Satay Brother couldn't help me fight off the sniffles. I eventually lost and succumbed to a couple days of hot water with lemon + honey, and copious amounts of nose blowing. Going to spend the rest of my weekend with giant mugs of tea and some fashion magazines. The bright side? It's only a 4 day work week next week because of Easter! Yay!

If you're being lazy like me today, here are come fun things to check out:

You can always count on Buzzfeed for a good laugh. Watch girls try out Kylie Jenner lips for the first time. The girl in the jean jacket with glasses is my fave.
Such a cute DIY for your sandals/heels for summer!

A little long, but well worth the read: All about procrastination (this perfectly describes me in college).

I'm a big fan of Tamira's blog Lipstick With Some Sunshine, and it recently got a makeover and a name change. Check out the new blog. Love it! And after watching her What's In My Bag Video, I want an Aesop party going on in my handbag too.

The Beauty Department has some great beauty tips for looking your best with a hangover. Get me this face gloss!

I've got a post coming up tomorrow all about Nudestix (sneak peek: they're amazing!), and they just released some "skincare" pencils. These look interesting!

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En Route Essentials - This is Ground Mod Mobile


Today's En Route Essential is my This is Ground Mod Mobile. A little bit more about my travel habits: I'm a very organized traveler. I think I get this from my mother, the passport nazi ("Give me your passports! I want to hold all the passports!"). I used to travel with a larger document holder, but recently I've started digitalizing all of my e-tickets, hotel confirmations, etc. prior to departure. So I've downsized to the Mod Mobile, and it's perfect! Keep reading for more photos!

Lipstick Files Vol. 2 (on the go!)


If you follow along with my adventures over on Instagram, then you'll know that I was in San Diego on business last week. For this edition of the Lipstick Files, I figured I'd show you which lip colours I brought along with me. A bright lipstick (or a neutral one for that matter) is a fashion accessory in my opinion, so I always like to have a couple options with me. Keep reading to see which shades I brought!

The Weekend Edit Vol. 35


It may officially be spring, but it certainly isn't looking like it here in Montreal. It snowed most of the day yesterday, and plunged to the minus twenties for today. Needless to say that it was quite a shock coming back from sunny California.

I was in San Diego for 48 hours (and way too much travel time) for some meetings, and it was really nice getting some sunshine. The highlights: cocktails by the Sea, the hot tub, and churros. This is my second meeting in San Diego, and they again served churros during the coffee breaks. It's awesome!

In other news, since Spring is officially here, I'm planning all sorts of fun spring-themed posts. I'm also really excited to start taking outfit photos again! I'm also really looking forward to a thaw, hopefully soon. Bring on the trenchcoats and bright rain boots!

Until then, here are some links from around the internet this week:

As someone with several tattoos herself, I loved this post on Emma's tattoos and when/why she got them.

If anyone can explain the importance of properly browning butter, it's Joy.

Joelle is totally ready for spring with this awesome mix of feminine floral + chic leather (and of course, her gorgeous Pashli)

I just made my first purchase from Lulu Frost (and am in total love), so it was exciting to see that Atlantic-Pacific is their spring influencer. I love all her choices.

Caroline unveiled her Spring capsule wardrobe last week, and it's adorable. It's making me want to dabble in capsule wardrobes again beyond just those that I curate for travel.

And in case you missed anything on Love. Loft. Life. this week:
Beauty Bits Vol. 6 // Women in Clothes: Let's talk clothes // Marc Jacobs Beauty Spring 2015

What have you been up to this past week? Excited for spring?

- Kris
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