October Favourites


For my October Favourites, I decided to take inspiration from the latest issue of Allure. They featured their Beauty Blogger Awards finalists, and one column had them list the 5 products they'd save from a burning building. So as this months favourites, I decided to feature my 5 products I'd save from a burning building! Keep reading for the list.

Chanel Le Weekend de Chanel: Best. Lotion. Ever. If I could only keep one skincare item, this would be it. yes, it's pricey, but it's totally worth it (in fact, I think the entire "skincare wardrobe" collection from Chanel is worth it). I only ever use it on weekends, and come Monday my skin looks entirely rejuvenated.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: The only concealer you'll ever need! Every since purchasing this, I haven't used anything else (other than my waterproof MUFE concealer in the summer time). Under eye circles, blemishes, redness, it does it all.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask: I've gone on and on about this stuff many times before. Now that the colder weather is starting to roll in, I can feel my lips drying out already. This lives in my handbag.

Bumble & bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer: I've noticed a significant change in my hair ever since I started using this. With my short hair, I tend to use a lot of heat styling, and this really helps keep things healthy in between cuts.

Benefit Gimme Brow:I wouldn't say that this is my most beloved brow product, but if I could only keep one it would be this simply due to its ease of use. It's also really natural looking and doesn't require any extra tools.

What are your favourites from this month??


Fall Capsule Wardrobe Update!


Well, I'm just over a month into my Fall Capsule Wardrobe, so I figured it was time for an update. Here are a few things I've learned!

01: Accessories are your friend. I've always lived with a mostly monochrome wardrobe (black is totally a colour guys), but when it came to building a capsule wardrobe for fall, my monochrome tendencies kind of kicked into overdrive. Enter colourful accessories: hats, heels, scarves, statement jewelry, basically anything that will add a little extra somethin' somethin' to a monochrome outfit.

02: I really like my cheat day. I had a feeling having a capsule wardrobe would be somewhat difficult me because I like options and variability. By giving myself one cheat day a week, where I can use other items in my wardrobe, it alleviates a bit of the pressure. I've been using my cheat day mostly for days when I am going straight from work to events/dinners/meetings afterwards and want to look a little more spruced up.

03: I really really really hate laundry. I have to admit, by having a capsule wardrobe, I am doing laundry a little more frequently than I was before that. Although I always tended to reach for the same things anyways (most of which are in the capsule wardrobe), because I had a ton of other options as well, laundry really only came once every month and a half. I loathe laundry. I think the key for getting around this is having multiples of basics, like black pants and grey tees. It's a learning curve.

04: Getting dressed in the morning is easy! When thinking about my capsule wardrobe pieces, I imagined a bunch of outfits. So now when I look at the actual capsule wardrobe, I already have outfits in mind. Less options, quicker decisions.

Those are a couple of things I've learned so far with my capsule wardrobe. I'd love to hear if any of you guys have experimented with a capsule wardrobe as well, and what you've learned so far. Let me know in the comments below!


Hawaii Bound!


Hey there! I am currently en route to beautiful Hawaii (provided my flight from Winnipeg got in ok last night :S). While it may be a long journey there (3 flights! Yikes!), it will be totally worth it. The sun. The beach. The ocean. Time for some much needed rest and relaxation.

What does this mean for the blog while I'm away? I've got some posts already scheduled, so stay tuned for those. But the best place to keep up with my adventures is over on Instagram. So head on over and follow me!



Fall Capsule: White Silk Cami + Statement Skirt


Sometimes, you just feel like being a little extra fancy. Know what I mean? This skirt is all over that. It's one of those pieces in my wardrobe that instantly puts me in a better mood. Best part? It looks equally good with just a simple grey tee for a more dressed down look. Iggy Azalea's Fancy is totally on repeat in my head right now. Ok, moving on. Keep reading for more photos and outfit details!

Skirt - J.Crew, Camisole - Club Monaco, Cardigan - Madewell, Bag - Mackage, Shoes, ASOS (old, similar), Necklace - Etsy, Ring - Silver Gallery, Watch - Fossil

I wore this outfit to a presentation I gave, and killed it. Instant confidence booster! I then jet off for after work drinks with a girlfriend. Multi-tasker! Have I mentioned how much I love this outfit yet?

Also, a very special thanks to Ariane, from Julius + Valentina, for the mini photoshoot around the studio!

What pieces in your wardrobe boost your confidence?


Popbasic Frankie Collection


Popbasic has done it again! They're releasing their gorgeous Frankie collection tomorrow, and I can't wait to order mine! It features a grey marl long sleeve tee, a polka dot scarf, and a white leather belt with rose gold hardware. If the long sleeve shirt is anything like their previous tees, it will incredibly soft.

Popbasic make such great quality pieces, and they keep amazing me with every set. Don't forget to use this link to get 15% off you're first order with Popbasic. Need inspiration? Check out my style set below!

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