Capturing Real Life Through Photography


So I hit a pretty big milestone over the weekend and turned 25. For my 25th year, I want to make a more conscious effort to capture my every day life. I also want to work on my photography more, so when I saw the Capture Real Life in 52 Weeks course offered by the wonderful girls over at A Beautiful Mess, I knew I had to do it.

The e-course involves weekly "challenges" or "themes" if you will for capturing different aspects of your every day life, with different photography techniques. I plan on sharing a post once a week with what I shot. Not only will I get to work on my photography skills, I'll also get to share more snippets of my life with you, my readers!

Who else is planning on working on their photography skills this year?


The Weekend Edit Vol. 33


It's my birthday weekend! Yay! I had a lovely time skiing with family and friends out at the cottage yesterday, and had the most amazing brunch with my friend Angela this morning. It's a big one this year, turning a quarter of a century old, but everything was really low key which was nice. While I don't feel any older, saying I'm 25 makes me feel old haha. The celebrations continue this week, and I'm excited to catch up with all of my friends after a very busy month.

Here are some things I found on the internet this week:

Who What Wear did a great piece on how style blogs have changed.

I'm totally crushing over this dress from J. Crew at the moment. I might just have to place an order.

Gal Meets Glam is one of my favourite fashion blogs, and this post from her husband made me chuckle.

It doesn't get any better than Taylor and Karlie (they're adorable), and I love that Karlie is going to university starting this fall! You go girl!

Emma Stone is one of my fave style icons, and her makeup look from the Oscars was on point. Elle gives us the scoop on how to recreate it.

And in case you missed anything on Love. Loft. Life. this week:
Cleared for Takeoff with Ariane // 5 Things You Never Need To Pack

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


The 5 Things You Never Have to Pack


I think we've all been guilty of over-packing at some point in our lives. Some more often than not. I've definitely been guilty of stuffing checked luggage to the brim in the past, but after all of my recent travels I look back and think "why would I have brought that?!?". So I hope today's post will help you lighten your load a bit for your next trip. Here are the 5 things [I think] you never have to pack:

Cleared for Takeoff with Ariane!


Welcome back! Today I'm really excited because I get to feature my amazing friend Ariane as the first guest in the "Cleared for Takeoff" series. Ariane is the fantastic blogger behind Julius + Valentina and a social media maven (don't forget to follow her on Instagram!). Always chic, she's done her fair share of travelling over the past couple of years. Paris, LA, Vegas, you name it. So without further ado, Ariane has been cleared for takeoff!

The Weekend Edit Vol. 32


First, I must apologize for the hiatus. But it's been a good break as I needed a bit of a recharge. I've been in Toronto for the past week working for Jaguar Land Rover, and head home tonight. Today's plans consist of spending time with my sister and saying goodbye to all my friends I'll see again only next year.

I also got to catch up with Joelle (from La Petite Noob) this week! It's always great getting together with a fellow blogger who understands what the blogosphere is like. We ate, we drank, and we laughed. Hopefully we can get together again soon!

Back to regularly scheduled content this week, but in the meantime, check out these fun links:

Taylor's music video for Style is finally here!

I laughed so hard it this next one. If "Friends" had been set in 2015! I can totally see Joey and Phoebe finding each other on Tinder

I've been contemplating what to do with my hair lately. I'm at a slightly longer than a lob length...but after seeing this post, it seems I'm right on trend! I might just keep it.

After hearing all about the laughs surrounding this post, I think Joelle's awesome Valentine's day outfit needed to be shared.

Even though it's not spring just quite yet, I'm in the mood to start some spring cleaning and do a little re-arranging in my loft. This article looks super helpful!

What have you been up to?

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